Renful Premier Technologies

Who We Are

Renful Premier Technologies has been at the forefront of advanced security training since 1994, specialising in the research, development and delivery of state-of-the-art products and services.
Our aim is to improve the level of selection, training and management of security personnel, using cutting-edge software that’s fully bespoke to suit different requirements, applications and sectors and can be integrated into existing security infrastructure.
Today, customers in over 80 countries worldwide use our products and services for training and monitoring their security teams. Amongst our customers, you will find civil aviation authorities, government agencies, customs and border guards, airports, ports, cargo forwarders, high security installations and postal authorities.

  • To bridge the gap between technology and the human factor.
  • Continuous research and development of the latest technologies.
  • The enhancement and smooth running of security operations all over the world.
  • Developing training and management solutions for the improvement of security procedures.
  • To automate the screening process using machine learning algorithms, pursuing the future of security in aviation and cargo.
  • Our team of employees is a mix of ex-security professionals with many years of experience in the day-to-day running of security operations and training as well as software developers at the forefront of modern technologies.
  • As our customers are based across the world, our team is multinational and multilingual and most importantly extremely helpful. So, whether you’re already one of our customers or enquiring about our products, our team is always on hand to answer your questions or deal with any difficulties you may be facing, in a professional and efficient manner.

Our Customers

Business Opportunites

Become a distributor

Join the leading provider of security training products, services and management systems around the world. Renful offers great distribution opportunities for all of our products. We already have several distributors all over the world, and we’re always looking for more. Ideally we seek distributors with demonstrable experience in the security industry, in training or consultancy. Distributors may be required to show evidence that they work closely with the industry.

The appointment of distributors is at our discretion. To find out more about becoming a distributor please contact us.

Set up a screening center

Renful is the best partner for security screening training centers (SSTC) looking to expand their business and sell X-ray simulator training to their clients. With franchises already established across Europe, and others worldwide, SSTC franchisees have seen a considerable increase in sales and the expansion of services they provide to customers. This is thanks in part to the EC No 2015/1998 regulation that states security screeners must complete 6 hours of X-ray simulation training every 6 months. If you’re looking to get into the security screening training business, Renful is the best partner to help you succeed.

  • Low start up costs
  • Grow business together
  • Expand into new sectors
  • Provide training for all major manufacturer
  • Discounted prices on Renful products