Artificial Intelligence-based Automated Threat Detection System

EyeFox detects a wide range of weapon types, sharp objects, electroshock weapons, and improvised explosive devices. Accesses an X-ray machine’s video feed and analyses it for potential threats while not interfering with the machine.

What EyeFox can offer?

  • Constantly improving detection capability
  • Most extensive data sets of authentic threat images
  • Compatibility with a wide range of X-ray systems
  • The expertise of aviation security professionals

Sub-seconds detection time

Maximised throughput

Minimised false alarm rates

Increased detection

Extended item recognition portfolio

Compatible with
major manufacturers

Tireless and focused analysis

Reduced operational cost

About Neural Guard

Neural Guard strives to ensure the safe and secure flow of people and products, utilising advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Our vision is to utilise Artificial Intelligence technology to perfect the threat detection process.
We want to cultivate a dynamic security operation where technology can be effectively deployed to maximise the baggage screening process’s efficiency, accuracy, and throughput.

Our team combines industry leaders from the security, technology, and regulatory fields offering their expertise to ensure safer environments, lower operational costs and better customer experience.