To ensure that High Security Installations remain a safe and accessible place for those who work within and visit, it is crucial that the security checkpoint and operational support systems are able to deliver enhanced security with maximum productivity/efficiency.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Renful has been supporting its clients in enhancing operational security and throughput at their checkpoints through a combination of expert site surveys, training and assessment of personel, effective action plans, and targeted deployment of technologies.

How do Renful enhance the checkpoint experience?

Step – 1

Renful Industry Experts will provide a 2-day on site security and productivity assessment of the client’s checkpoint operations and supporting systems, during which:

  • Renful will test all of the X-ray screeners on Simfox to identify benchmark ability and to define possible areas of screener detection improvement
  • Renful will analyse the throughput traffic of the checkpoint looking for bottlenecks and impediments to effective flow and process
  • Renful will assess and review the implementation of procedures and key performance indicators
  • Renful will provide an on-site summary presentation of the 2-day assessment to management elaborating on the findings: deficiencies and other observations

Step – 2

Renful will provide a written report and action plan with recommendations to improve operational readiness and security as part of the post assessment support package, which will include

  • Implementation of Renful operational readiness management system, Opeready, at the client’s premises on a 3-month trial basis
  • A programme for X-ray screener initial and refresher training on Simfox to enhance detection ability and avoid search false alarms
  • Advise on recruitment of new personnel and capacity building of existing staff
Benefits of Renful Services
  • Enhanced selection, training and management of personnel
  • Reduce false alarms and unnecessary searching by improving screener detection ability
  • Increasing throughput whilst maintaining security standards
  • Safer and quicker experience for visitors and clients
  • Reduce risk of serious incident to life and infrastructure
  • Implementation of Key Performance Indicators through operational management system
  • Keep all operational records and administration in one place with 24/7 access
  • Bring quality performance and transparency into the security operation

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