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GROUP OF COMPANIES - Renful Premier Technologies

Renful Premier Technologies is the developer and distributor of recruitment, training and staff management softwares, with the aim of bridging the gap between technology and the human factor. Renful has created the most comprehensive suite of products and services designed to improve the selection, training, evaluation and monitoring of X-ray screeners.

For 25 years, Renful has been a global leader in developing and implementing cutting edge technologies for aviation security. Trusted by aviation authorities and governments in over 80 countries, Renful and its network of subsidiary and affiliated companies have been at the forefront of technological advancement throughout the industry in airports, airlines, and aviation authorities.
We hold a versatile, solution-oriented attitude, providing maximum value for organizations whilst accounting for budget targets and ensuring the quality of cybersecurity surpasses industry standards. Our central goal is guaranteeing that organizations are operationally prepared, having up to date technologies, systems and tools as well as correct training, to help them maintain the best practices of the industry.
Renful invests enumerable time and resources in research and development in key impact areas such as security screening training technologies, Artificial Intelligence automatic detection systems, and aviation grade Cyber-Security. Renful was the first company to develop a container and CT X-ray simulator for training operators. More recently, Renful and its affiliated companies have pioneered the use of Artificial Intelligence in the threat detection process, revolutionizing efficiency, productivity and throughput.
Our belief is that our professional knowledge should be passed on to our clients with capabilities being developed in cooperation with our clients, and held autonomously within organizations by building strong professional teams. Our duty is to provide the knowledge, tools, and systems, to be integrated and held within organizations operating in the aviation sector. Therefore, our focus is on making our clients the best at what they do and implementing, training, and developing capabilities to be held by our client’s own personnel.
Renful’s extensive network and vast coverage provide us with a global perspective of the aviation industry’s best practices as well as in-depth insight into the unique threats and challenges facing it. This allows us to implement new technologies across a wide spectrum of infrastructure, promising our clients the latest innovations in aviation technology.
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OpeReady Systems Ltd.

OpeReady Systems developed a range of management softwares which monitor the security efficience of the X-ray screeners. In addition the company has developed an operation readiness system, a management software which helps large organisations to comply with security requirements. Our clients are civil aviation authorities, government agencies, customs and border guards, airports, ports, cargo forwarders, high security prisons and postal authorities.
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AVCO Technologies Ltd.

AVCO Technologies specialises in the provision of security training services and consultancy, as well as custom made integration of the various products currently offered by the Group. Our clients are airports, airlines, cargo handling companies, freight forwarders, secure hospitals, postal authorities, prisons and other secure establishments.

Neural Guard Automated Detection

Neural Guard, is a leading technology company focused on the development of automatic threat detection systems for the security industry. Following extensive R&D work the company has successfully developed a unique auto detection capability for security X-ray systems that is based on cutting edge neural network algorithms. With the establishment of Neural Guard, we are achieving a much-anticipated goal. Neural Guard brings together the most advanced technological capabilities with the Group’s extensive experience and expertise in over 80 countries globally.
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Renful Systems Kft.

Renful Systems Kft. is based in Budapest, Hungary and was established to facilitate the distribution of Renful products and services to EU based as well as CIS customers. The company has a training center within its premises and staff that specialise in customer service and after sale support of the Renful products.

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