Aircraft Screening and Guarding

14/08/2019by admin

Aircraft Screening and Guarding

Target Audience: Security Operatives responsible for Aircraft Screening and Guarding

This training is a unique blend of instructor-led classroom and gaming simulation software to learn how to effectively screen aircraft and guard against different threats. The course lists the relevant threats and the way screening and guarding mitigates the threats. During the course the trainees learn about past terror incidents while being provided with a unique player experience. All information exchanged and actions taken during the simulation by the participants are captured in the computerised system and provides an enhanced analysis tool for the process of aircraft screening and guarding.

  • Allows analysis of the organisation’s operational preparedness of aircraft screening and guarding
  • Prepares organisations’ strategies and contingency plans
  • Enables organisations to analyse and plan new operational concepts
  • Create essential tools needed for the management of critical situations

Duration: 2 day instructor-led course with gaming software simulation training