Predictive Profiling Training

17/06/2019by admin

Predictive Profiling Training

Target Audience: All security personnel operating in areas where there is a high throughput of passengers

Predictive Profiling is a threat assessment method used for the quick identification of people that pose a threat or risk to the wellbeing of the public or to public institutions. Predictive Profiling has proved to be successful in the identification of illegal passengers, criminals and terrorists through the application of behavioural analysis and expert observation and/or questioning techniques.

Profiling can selectively target certain individuals for additional searches and questioning and quickly isolate those few individuals who might warrant more thorough scrutiny by security personnel.

  • Establishing risk-based¬† procedures for passenger screening
  • Use of complementary methods to screen passengers
  • Fast screening when maintaining a high level security
  • Providing trainers with a complete set of predictive profiling tools

Duration: 4 days instructor-led course