Public Events Security Training

24/06/2019by admin

Public Events Security Training

This course is designed to equip all participants with the knowledge, techniques and practical skills required to efficiently and confidently manage public events security and to spot behavioural risk and the infiltration of threat objects carried by the public.

Effective public event security requires the learning of a unique set of skills, as the clues that lead to identification of suspicious signs in public gatherings are invariably subtle and the time to observe them is usually limited.

Renful delivers public event security training through a blend of classroom lead multimedia presentation, discussions, expert analysis and a variety of creative exercises. Role-play scenarios are also used to put training theory into practice.

Upon completion of the training, the trainees will be left with a unique and beneficial set of profiling tools with which to conduct quick and systematic profiling, in a discreet and non-confrontational manner at their location.

The main topics of this course are:
  • General Aspects of Predictive Profiling
  • Security Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Classification of Threats
  • Profiling Tools, The Risk Indicators
  • Identifying Fraudulent Documentation
  • Profiling Techniques, Appearance and Behaviour
  • Profiling Techniques, Observation Techniques
  • Behavioural Analysis, Detecting Deception
  • Profiling Techniques, Questioning
  • Adversary Methods of Operation
  • Implementing effective Predictive Profiling in the work place

Duration: 2 days instructor-led course