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Renful has delivered two X-ray Image Analysis Training courses, in different cities of Georgia, Tbilisi and Batumi. The course featured Renful’s renowned Simfox computer-based training program, simulating the X-ray screening environment. The Image Analysis course prepares screeners to enhance their knowledge and image interpretation skills, in order to identify contrabands in luggage. Through our 3-day

Renful successfully concluded the image analysis course for Jordan customs, provided in the city of Aqaba, where customs personnel from different regions of Jordan gathered to attend this course. The attendees of our course also had the opportunity to experiment with the Simfox security X-ray simulator. As Simfox offers manufacturer specific machine interface and imagery,

We successfully concluded the image analysis and Simfox Train the Trainer courses for a mixed group of customs and security personnel at Zanzibar Airport, where the attendees had the opportunity to put into practice what they learned through our Simfox system. During the courses, we reviewed some concepts directly on their operational x-ray machines, deepening

Renful successfully concluded the X-ray Image Analysis Train the Trainer Course in Almaty for a mixed group of border protection personnel from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Attendees were shown new techniques and methodologies, as well as a demonstration of new technologies for image analysis that will be applied to their new personnel in future. The course

The CAA Authority of Sudan has purchased a Simfox Pro system that will be used to train and certify screeners throughout the country. Renful’s staff has installed the system at SUDAFAST (Sudan Academy for Aviation Science and Technology). Simfox X-Ray CBT Training is the most realistic computer-based Security X-ray and Computed Tomography Simulator available to

explosives identification training kits

The need for explosives identification training kits increases as the number of explosives incidents has increased. Explosive identification training kits are essential to ensure that the safety of workers is not compromised. There are different types of explosives, and they require additional training to identify them. Explosives Identification Training Kit, or EITK, is a set

vulnerability assessment

There are a number of diverse types of vulnerability assessments. Some focus on security, while others are more creative. Critical infrastructure is a term that refers to the elements of society that people depend on for their daily activities. This can include services like hospitals, power plants, and internet service providers among them. Critical infrastructure

orgery detectors help in the detection of fraudulent documents

Forgery detectors are machines that help in the detection of fraudulent documents. The device highlights the parts of the document that need to be verified. The detector can scan a document and highlight all the suspicious areas that a Forgery Detection Expert must manually check. In this way, forgery detectors help prevent fraud because these