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check your employees before hiring

The act of determining an individual’s personal history and background, usually by searching public documents, is known as background checking. Background checks are used for many purposes, including screening potential employees, background checks for law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and criminal investigations.Companies use them to determine whether there are any allegations or legal actions against that

Security installations are very important for the safety of any home or business. They are responsible for making sure that there is nobody trespassing on your property. Security installations can be created using several different methods, but one of the most common is with motion sensors which detect movement and sound outside of your property,

cargo security

Cargo security is an important part of shipping operations since many are overlooked in transit. There are so many factors that could influence the cargo transportation process, and no one can be fully aware of all these things. Cargo theft has existed for ages, from thieves assaulting merchants on trading highways to pirates taking ships

security in maritime training course

Security maritime is an area of concern for many people. This is because pirates have been terrorizing the seas for centuries. The pirates are generally armed with weapons that make their activities more threatening. It is important to note that security maritime not only refers to the security of the sea but also refers to

5 types of cyber security

Cyber security threats are becoming more and more common, but there are ways to protect your data. A significant portion of the world’s population is on the internet. With such a vast number of people using the internet, it has become easy for hackers to access your data and personal information with a few clicks

choose forgery detectors

Forgery Detectors are used by Airports, Customs, Police and other high security installations to identify fake passports, ID documents and banknotes. These machines will help to maintain a secured business and will protect your company from potential fraud. What is forgery detection? Forgery Detection is the process of establishing or verifying the authenticity of data,

Renful, in partnership with OpeReady Systems, has recently developed a hybrid software platform,SAMS (Screener Accreditation Management System). The platform combines Simfox’ X-ray & CTimage interpretation testing capabilities with OpeReady’s compliance management facility.The first client to procure the innovative hybrid system, SAMS, is the Australian Government’sDepartment of Home Affairs. SAMS will enable the Australian authorities to

e learning courses for security professionals

E-learning is a way of learning that eliminates the need for teachers, classrooms, and textbooks. It can be done in your free time from the comfort of your own home or office.