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explosives identification training kits

The need for explosives identification training kits increases as the number of incidents involving explosives has increased. Explosive’s identification training kits are essential to ensure that the safety of workers is not compromised. There are different types of explosives, and they require additional training to identify them. Explosives Identification Training Kit, or EITK, is a

vulnerability assessment

There are many different types of vulnerability assessments. Some are targeted more towards security, while others are more creative. Critical infrastructure is a term that generally refers to the elements of society that society depends on for their daily activities. This can include services like hospitals, power plants, internet service providers, among more. Critical infrastructure

orgery detectors help in the detection of fraudulent documents

Forgery detectors are machines that help in the detection of fraudulent documents. The device highlights the parts of the document that need to be verified. The detector can scan a document and highlight all the suspicious areas that a Forgery Detection Expert must manually check. In this way, forgery detectors help prevent frauds from occurring

Renful Premier Technologies provides some of the best customs and border security courses in the world, not only in UK. Our program is based on the artificial intelligence-based security systems, training courses, or consultancy. What is Customs and Border Security? Customsand border security is a combination of software, hardware, and human resources designed to provide

SIA Training is made special for security professionals. The Security Industry Authority, or SIA for short, provides certification to businesses in the security industry. The SIA was founded in 2003 to ensure that the companies providing security services follow best practices and comply with all legislation. The Security Industry Authority started as an initiative by

A further two x-ray trainers from the Lithuanian Dignitary Protection Department participated in a Renful Train the Trainer Course in Budapest on the 26th and 27th of October 2021. The course featured Renful’s Simfox computer-based training platform. Train-the-Trainer Course from Renful – Improve and assure the security With this additional course, we are confident that

check your employees before hiring

The act of determining an individual’s personal history and background, usually by searching public documents, is known as background checking. Background checks are used for many purposes, including screening potential employees, background checks for law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and criminal investigations.Companies use them to determine whether there are any allegations or legal actions against that

Security installations are very important for the safety of any home or business. They are responsible for making sure that there is nobody trespassing on your property. Security installations can be created using several different methods, but one of the most common is with motion sensors which detect movement and sound outside of your property,