Air travellers, beware! Empty bag era is approaching!

Empty bag era

As an aftermath of last year’s terrorist attempt to blow up an Etihad Airways plane, The United States Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) introduced a new item to the list of items restricted on board an aircraft – powder. The list already limits the sizes and quantities for various everyday items such as aerosol cans, liquids, gels and it continues to grow.
Starting June 30, air travellers will be allowed to take no more than 12 ounces of powder (such as cosmetics, spices, drink mixes and so on) onboard hassle-free, while bigger amounts will have to undergo additional security screening.
But will this really boost security? Or will it rather hide its weaknesses?
While TSA is trying to simplify the detection task of X-Ray screeners, by reducing the complexity of traveller bags, the main issue – that is the lack of threat recognition ability among security personnel due to inefficient and old-fashioned training – remains unaddressed.
“Renful Premier Technologies” experts believe, that rather than applying further restrictions on the travelling public, airports and security providers should revise and refresh their training methodologies so that the industry can stay one step ahead of modern aviation threats without inconveniencing travellers.

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