Digital revolution in Aviation Cyber Security

The future will be one which is increasingly digital, hi-tech and connected. Everywhere you look, airports are turning to connected technologies such as the internet, cloud computing and many others. Meanwhile, airport IT systems are becoming increasingly connected and take information from many different sources into a central dashboard. This is a future in which airports are smart and inter-connected, bringing together diverse technologies through the Internet of Things (IoT) to streamline operations, communications, improve collaboration between departments and increase data visibility.

The increased attack surface affects all components of the aviation sector: airports, airlines, Air Traffic Control (ATC) centers, supply vendors, and even passengers.

In the past, airports have suffered ransomware attacks, incidents in which hackers stole building plans and sensitive security protocols, and even produced data leaks at boarding gate displays.

Cybersecurity Strategy nowadays

Aviation cybersecurity should be led globally, that’s a fact. As national, regional, and organizational efforts are working to improve aviation cybersecurity, there is a growing risk of adding complexity across the landscape of regulations and best practices.
All countries deserve the tools to improve, and any new body of standards must be harmonized across complex global supply and operations chains.

We can give our participants a broad and detailed understanding of implementing and maintaining a security framework that complies with national and international regulations and airport industry best practices.

The target audience for our aviation security courses is represented by:

• Airport managers and personnel with security responsibilities
• Suppliers and service providers with security responsibilities at the airport (e.g., ground handlers, maintenance organizations, cargo agents, catering companies, or airport security providers, etc.)
• Civil aviation security regulators

Why are aviation security courses the right choice for your company?

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We regard the development of the in-house cyber capabilities of our clients as a top priority. This allows our clients to be self-sufficient when combating threats to their systems. To this end, we have designed a three-phase cyber enhancement a package comprising posture assessment, training, and support.

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