The benefits of e-learning courses for security professionals

e learning courses for security professionals
E-learning is a way of learning that eliminates the need for teachers, classrooms, and textbooks. It can be done in your free time from the comfort of your own home or office.

E-learning is a way of learning that eliminates the need for teachers, classrooms, and textbooks. It can be done in your free time from the comfort of your own home or office.

As the world becomes more competitive, it is becoming necessary for employers to differentiate themselves from other companies. One way to do this is through e-learning. This form of training can help you gain an edge in today’s job market and foster a lifelong interest in continuing education.

To be competitive in the job market, you must master a new learning security method: e-learning. Here’s how to start your e-learning journey if you are a security professional!

The world is changing, and employers are scrambling to keep up with it. E-learning provides competitive advantages for companies that put effort into training their employees. As e-learning becomes more popular, it will become easier for individuals to make their mark on the job market with these new skillsets. Renful Premier Technologies offers you three e-learning security courses that will help to improve your security business.

​Why we recommend E-Learning Security Courses

E-learning security courses offer employees a much more accessible and adaptable form of training that they can complete on their own time and at their own pace anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

Staff training methods have changed dramatically over the last few years, and e-learning has become the most efficient and effective way to train employees. One of the main advantages of e-learning is that it can be customised to suit specific business needs. By adopting an e-learning training system, businesses can eliminate the costs of materials, room hire, travel, and accommodation.

​E-learning courses for security professionals provided by Renful Premier Technologies

With over 25 years of experience, Renful Premier Technologies has developed a series of security training pieces that meet your company’s needs. Renful’s team of professionals will teach you everything you need to perform your security tasks successfully.

Renful Premier Technologies offers high-ranked courses in terms of security. After the training, we take online examination questions to verify the learning. The e-learning courses provided at Renful Premier Technologies are Awareness Courses, AvSec School, and Trefox.

​Awareness courses – Security e-learning course

A unique approach to online training and distance learning. Certificated e-learning courses deliver each episode of a compelling drama followed by online examination questions to verify the learning.

The main topics are:

– Cyber Security Awareness

– Login and Recording

– Harassment in the workplace – an awareness course

– Plan/Prepare/ Protect

Ex-head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Chris Philipps, presents this five-part course providing concise instructions on responding to an incident and how to create a security culture at work, at home, and on business travel. An entry-level course for all employees, their families and colleagues.

Based on a three-part drama, this course addresses essential learning for entry-level cybersecurity. Our protagonist, who has recently been promoted at work, announces her new position on LinkedIn, unaware that hackers are specifically targeting that type of post.

​AvSec SCHOOL – Security e-learning course

Avsec School is an e-learning portal offering four online multimedia security training courses and tests designed to enhance the job performance, confidence and expertise of security personnel.

Each course is available 24/7 via AvsecSchool or purchased on DVD for use as part of continuous training.

Trainers can use the methods to explain complicated subjects or describe events as they include audio, videos, photos, text and animations that maintain the interest level of the student and make for a more enjoyable learning experience

The main topics of this course are:

– Passport and Document Identification checking

– Postal Devices

– Terrorism and Threat

​TREFOX – Security e-learning course

Trefox is a multimedia CBT that is used to deliver Initial Security X-Ray Training to newly recruited X-ray operators before they start the simulation and on-the-job training.

It can also be taken by more experienced personnel such as managers who wish to broaden their understanding of security X-ray technology. Trefox can be given to screeners to study alone as it is narrated from start to finish and uses animations, text, and video to captivate trainees and improve their knowledge retention.

Trefox can also be useful for instructors as they are able to use the animations and audio available on Trefox to explain complicated subjects and events.

This x-ray theory course is available via e-learning or offline, takes 5 hours and provides 10 modules:

  1. History of X-ray
  2. Nature of X-rays
  3. The X-ray Tube
  4. Penetration and Absorption
  5. Security X-ray Machines
  6. X-ray Machine Features
  7. Prohibited Items
  8. Limitations of X-ray
  9. Procedures
  10. Health & Safety

Trefox also offers a 48-question test to ensure students have successfully retained the key concepts and learning points of the course.

​Why choose e-learning courses for security professionals at Renful Premier Technologies

Renful Premier Technologies offers guaranteed high-class services and products. including security products based on artificial intelligence, training courses and consulting.

If you still haven’t found the product you are looking for or if you want to choose from a wider range of products, we have made the Products Catalogue available to you.

Of course, if you need support or additional information, the Renful Premier Technologies team is at your disposal.

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