How the maritime security landscape evolved nowadays

Major actors in maritime policy, ocean governance and international security have in the past decade started to include maritime security in their mandate or reframed their work in such terms. Ships are increasingly using systems that imply digitization, integration and automation, which calls for cyber risk management on board.

The importance of maritime security courses

Through supervision, inspection and proactive procedures, the marine industry does its best to minimize threats to maritime security, both malicious and accidental. And as the industry evolves and the marine sector grows, vigilance, enforcement and training will have to keep up with technology and increased opportunity for threats.

Maritime security has already become a global concern in the present world, severe threats could be posed if maritime security is jeopardized, as has been proven by a large number of incidents of such kind.

Maritime safety training is offered to numerous organisations, mainly from the military and institutional communities:

• Navy;
• Coast Guard;
• Police;
• Customs;
• Special Forces.

Maritime security appears to be a large and sometimes not fully understood concept. In fact it has become a large task involving many entities from international, public and private sectors aiming at:

• preserving the freedom of the seas
• facilitating and defending commerce
• maintaining good governance at sea

Maritime security options

Maritime security has never been more critical than now. In a time where the shipping industry is growing and technology is quickly advancing, companies and crew members need to be up to date on the best security protocols to protect their vessel, crew members and their country.

For example, Cruise Line Gaming Simulation Training is a unique blend of instructor-led classroom and gaming simulation software, designed to improve the Cruise Line’s strategic response to threats and incidents while providing a unique player experience. All information exchanged and actions taken during the simulation by the participants are captured in a computerised system and provides an enhanced analysis tool of the airport’s crisis management abilities. The maritime simulations reflects prevailing operational procedures designed to confront critical strategic dilemmas and the players represent their own positions within the Cruise Line.

We provide maritime security courses for you

The shipping industry is growing and technology is quickly advancing, therefore companies and crew members need to constantly updated regarding the best security protocols to protect their vessel, crew members and their country. With the help of proper maritime security, threats to the ship and the people on it can be thwarted. In today’s times marine transportation has reached greater heights and this is why maritime security companies are needed for professional safety services for the ships and ports.

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