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How to become a SIA-Licenced security professional

Sia security course

Do you want to become a competent, SIA-Licenced security professional?

SIA (Security Industry Authority) license is specific to the security industry. It ensures that anyone taking on a security role has undergone the necessary training needed to execute his or her job properly and is fully prepared for the reality of working within a security context.

Subjects covered include: behavioural standards, legislation relevant to the role, search procedures, powers of arrest, recording incidents and crime scene preservation, reducing risk, conflict management, communicating effectively and vehicle search theory.

During SIA training, you will learn valuable skills, relevant to working in the security sector, such as how to conduct on-site security patrols and how to execute a body pat-down search.

SIA licensing covers job roles such as:

  • Bodyguards
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Keyholders
  • Vehicle immobilisers
  • Cash and valuables in transit
  • CCTV operatives
  • Door supervisors

There are a number of questions to ask yourself about each and every person entering a building or attending an event:

– Are they carrying a weapon?

– Are they under the influence of any drugs or alcohol?

– Is the person a potential troublemaker?

– Is the person supposed to be there or are they an unwelcome guest?

SIA training process

The process of getting your SIA licence to work in the security industry can be a complicated one.

Licences are issued exclusively by the SIA in the UK, and you’ll have to sit an exam to be granted one – but before you even get that far, you’ll need to undergo some SIA approved training. Security Officers usually work in a wide variety of roles including static guarding, manned guarding, key holding etc.

While all these skills may not apply to the specific security job you are hoping to secure, you will still need to complete, and pass, every module, to get your SIA licence. Remember, the qualification you achieve at the end of your training course isn’t the licence itself – you will still have to apply for your SIA licence once you qualify.

Individuals who do not have a valid SIA licence while working in the security industry risk facing imprisonment or hefty fines and penalties.

About SIA – Security Industry Authority

The regulator of the private security industry in the UK is SIA. It regulates the private security industry and it says that if certain type of activities are required to be done you would be required to apply for the grant of an licence. There are two types of licences which are

– Front line: All the activities being done as door supervisors, CCTV operators security guards and close protection fall under the category of front line.

– Non front line: As the name suggests, this type of licence is required if you want to work in the industry in non front line position maybe as a manager in a security company etc.

There are strict criteria governing who can apply for an SIA licence and not everyone will be eligible.

To qualify, you must:

– Be at least 18 years old

– Pass an ID check

– Undergo a criminal records check

– Be eligible to work in the UK

– Complete SIA approved training

SIA training course

Sia training course includes essential knowledge and skills you will need to have to be able to successfully apply for your SIA licence and start working in the growing and ever needed industry in the UK.

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