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How to deal with fake ID cards

Forgery Detectors are used by airports, customs, police and other high-security installations to identify fake passports, ID documents and banknotes. By using forgery detectors, one can properly deal with fake ID cards.

Nowadays, due to the wide diversity of photocopiers and laser printers, document alteration and forgery has become more prevalent and frequent. This increasing trend of document fraud has led to the requirement for more efficient forensic investigation techniques for document forgery detection.

Detection of forged security documents

Forged documents are used for financial or extraneous gains causing wrongful loss to others.

A number of corporate frauds and scams have been perpetrated in the past causing huge losses to the government exchequer. Forged documents are usually produced to substantiate false claims. These documents generally relate to the cases pertaining to cheating, embezzlement, misappropriation, disproportionate assets, anonymous complaints, extortion or criminal misconduct and corporate frauds. This is why it is very important to detect false documents before they produce harm to companies and institutions.

Specialists involved in document authenticity verification are required to possess deep knowledge in anti-counterfeit technologies and hi-tech production of printed products. In such a case, the use of special authenticity verification devices is extremely helpful.

Types of Fake IDs

Fake IDs can be categorized into three main categories: Forged IDs, Altered IDs, and stolen IDs.

Forged ID

Forged IDs are those that are not produced by the government or any legal authority. These are specially created in an attempt to set a fake identity of a person. Forged IDs are further parted into two categories: Front forgery and Front & Back Forgery.

Front Forgery IDs include the IDs made using stolen images and personal information. However, the barcodes of IDs don’t contain any encrypted data, whereas, in the front and back forgery IDs, both sides of the ID document are made legitimate.

Altered ID

These are real IDs, but their information is a little modified. For instance, birth or address data is modified to get entry into nightclubs and bars or buy alcohol, when they are not used for other purposes, criminal related.

Stolen ID

As the name indicates, these are real IDs that were stolen and used by other persons who want to pretend to be somebody else. It’s a serious crime and it should be immediately detected, otherwise, it could generate serious consequences.

How to protect your business from identity theft

You need to deal with the problem the proper way and this is by using proper software such as the one we provide our customers: Checkpoint D. If you doubt that a client or customer presents you with a fake ID, you should immediately stop all the deals. You can ask the customer to hand over the ID to you then call the police or responsible authority to investigate.

If you don’t want your business to be a victim of identity fraud, you must take preventive measures first. You need to invest in robust identity verification solutions like data scanning, facial recognition, liveness detection and more.

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