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As businesses forge ahead following on from the lull caused by the pandemic there is an emphasis on speed and efficiency to get their workforces back to the prior levels. One key aspect of this is the training regimen, which for many companies may be seen as a daunting task, particularly for organizations requiring regulatory-certified training. During the pandemic phase when there was a requirement for mandatory training, multiple companies turned to online training platforms which allowed staff to participate and maintain the standard of training accessible anywhere in the world. Online training has become the new trend although is it as effective as instructor-led courses with face-to-face learning?

There are pros and cons espoused in equal measure regarding online training from providers of such training. However, in a survey conducted prior to the pandemic, results showed 70% of students preferred face-to-face learning styles. Ensuring your training providers are experts in their field is also a key factor before making such a decision. 

At Renful, a Company which has been providing and developing up-to-date materials and technology since the 1990s, you are assured of expertise and a vast amount of relevant industry experience. As our customers are based across the world, our team is multinational and multilingual. With so many diverse workplaces it is important that participants fully understand the training material. Instructors can read the class body language, clarify, and adjust explanations accordingly. 

Currently, Renful has courses which are part simulation and instructor-led courses in the following categories:

  • Aviation Security Courses
  • Customs Security
  • Maritime Security Courses
  • Security Installation
  • Cargo Security
  • Airline Simulations 

The huge benefits for participants are that student questions can be answered, the information is shared and creates discussion within the group. As Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Our team of employees is a mix of ex-security professionals with many years of experience in the day-to-day running of security operations and training as well as our software developers at the forefront of modern technologies.

If you require additional information for any of our courses, please contact the Renful Premier Technologies team.

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