New Simfox CT Simulator Compatibility

Simfox Smiths CTiX Simulator

Computed Tomography (CT) machines have revolutionised security operations around the world. These 3D imaging devices allow security personnel to easily rotate bag images and quickly identify potential threats. In the coming years, adaptation will be enforced at airports globally, introducing even more benefits for travellers; such as allowing these passengers to leave liquids and laptops in their cabin baggage for screening purposes, reducing stress levels and decreasing long lines at checkpoints.

Renful is proud to be a frontrunner in computer-based training programs that stay ahead of modern industry tendencies. Three years ago, we released our first Simfox simulator that was CT-compatible simulating Leidos’ ClearScan machines.

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new simulation interface for our Simfox CBT program compatible with the Smiths HI-SCAN CTiX machine. This cutting-edge technology is a direct response to customer demands as CT technologies become increasingly popular and realistic training becomes more essential.
The Simfox CT simulators use advanced training techniques to maximize the potential of up-to-date technology, enabling our customers to adapt to evolving industry trends.

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