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This month Renful has upgraded the Simfox X-ray Simulator provided to the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda in 2020. The CAA of Uganda is one of our 6 Civil Aviation Authorities customers in Africa. We appreciate the UCAA’s trust in our Simfox X-ray Simulator and our Trefox CBT course on e-learning. Do you want to

Recruitment and management software resolves the recruitment challenge by automating and streamlining a major part of the hiring process, which in turn gives recruiters more time to focus on the core part of their responsibilities. To stay competitive and consolidate their position on the market, the companies must use all the information they have and

On the 4th of February Renful Premier Technologies participated in an online conference of the Association “Airports of Ukraine“. Amongst around 50 participants, many showed great interest in our products. Two software of Renful were presented: Simfox – Simulator for X-ray and Eyefox – Automatic threat detection system. Soon both Simfox and Eyefox will be

Grupo Sureste Spain has recently acquired a license to use the Simfox X-Ray Simulator. The Simulator will be used for training airport screening staff in 5 airports across Spain. Thus compliance with the EU regulations regarding 6 x 6 training will be ensured, while screeners’ skills and motivation will be maintained. Renful is proud to

Last July Civil Aviation Academy in Almaty, Kazakhstan has purchased the Simfox X-Ray Simulator for Rapiscan Dual View. The system was installed remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Three-day training in Almaty Civil Aviation Academy was delivered by a local Simfox Instructor in Kazakhstan. Do you want to learn more about Simfox X-Ray Simulator?

Major actors in maritime policy, ocean governance and international security have in the past decade started to include maritime security in their mandate or reframed their work in such terms. Ships are increasingly using systems that imply digitization, integration and automation, which calls for cyber risk management on board. The importance of maritime security courses

The future will be one which is increasingly digital, hi-tech and connected. Everywhere you look, airports are turning to connected technologies such as the internet, cloud computing and many others. Meanwhile, airport IT systems are becoming increasingly connected and take information from many different sources into a central dashboard. This is a future in which

The aviation industry has to deal with the use of coercion and insiders to facilitate criminal activity and attacks, threats to civil aviation airspace and cyber-attacks designed to disrupt critical processes such as air traffic control systems, navigational aids, and passenger booking and management systems. This is where a proper cybersecurity course for the aviation