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Major actors in maritime policy, ocean governance and international security have in the past decade started to include maritime security as a priority for their mandate. In the maritime world, safety and security are paramount. Maritime security is a general term for the protection of vessels both internally and externally. We have to admit that

Risk management and risk assessment are major components of Information Security Management. Renful – Premier Technologies has extensive experience in the provision of security consultancy services to meet various accepted standards throughout the world. A good security system incorporates a certain number of various items, such as tags, cases, access cards, gates, locks and others

Events in the recent past have proven that no country in the world is safe against terrorists. Terrorist attacks can, for whatever motives, occur at any time and at any place. Even the shipping industry cannot escape that fact and the recent examples prove exactly this point. Unfortunately, this problem is not new to the

Aviation security threats are on the rise, so this is an important course for any crew to take; becoming extra vigilant and applying secure solutions is mandatory in the face of modern hazards. Our aviation security courses help your crew to fully identify, understand, and action against onboard threats, security breaches, and other incidents professionally

The aviation industry worldwide already embraces new levels of digitization and connectivity. But with this rapid advancement in connectivity comes a new and concerning threat. Hacktivism, cybercrime, even state-sponsored attacks have all become a real risk for airlines. It is obvious that cybersecurity is at the top of the minds of many aviation professionals right

Nowadays, people, property, infrastructure, service, and information assets are all potentially vulnerable to a range of security threats that could result in physical, economic or reputational harm. It is important that security is taking into consideration early, to develop the most appropriate and proportionate solutions. Security solutions which are overbearing, can often make users more

The exponential growth in air traffic demand calls for new solutions that can guarantee efficiency, without compromising the passenger experience. Whether it is for business or for leisure, airport passengers seek a smooth and fluid experience at the airport. In turn, airports are eager to simplify the journey across the airport and let passengers enjoy

The purpose of airport security screenings is to prevent dangerous substances or things, such as explosives and weapons, from being introduced inside the aircraft and to ensure that all flights reach their destinations safely. Therefore, all passengers must walk through a metal detector before entering the gate area, and both hand baggage and checked-in baggage