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The importance of innovation in aviation security

Aviation security continues to improve as a result of innovation and the use of new technologies. Our courses will train aviation security personnel at the managerial level to plan, coordinate and implement the preventive measures.

x-ray analysis

Renful has delivered a 5-day X-ray Image Analysis Training Course at the Academy of State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan. Fifteen trainees attended the course, which featured Renful’s renowned Simfox CBT simulator.

security consultancy services

Having an effective information security approach is vital for any new business but this can often be difficult to achieve.

Committee of Azerbaijan Participates in Simfox Train-the-Trainer Course

We completed a 3-day Simfox train-the-trainer course in Baku. It was installed on the server of the Academy of State Customs Committee.

renful SIA licence training course article

The process of getting your SIA licence to work in the security industry can be a complicated one. That is the reason why taking a SIA licence training course is the essential first step you should take if you want to ensure you are meeting the correct criteria for the SIA. Licences are issued exclusively

renful SIA Licenced security professional

Sia security course Do you want to become a competent, SIA-Licenced security professional? SIA (Security Industry Authority) license is specific to the security industry. It ensures that anyone taking on a security role has undergone the necessary training needed to execute his or her job properly and is fully prepared for the reality of working

Tips to consider when looking for recruitment

The right recruitment software will help you hit these goals and build your business, so make sure that these are front of mind from the start of the process. Recruiting software is software that performs the task of job postings, reviewing of resumes, interview management, and management of the hiring processes. Here are a few

What is a SIA Licence required for

SIA security course The process of getting your SIA licence to work in the security industry can be a complicated one.Licences are issued exclusively by the SIA in the UK, and you’ll have to sit an exam to be granted one – but before you even get that far, you’ll need to undergo some SIA