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recruitment management software for your firm

Recruitment and management software resolves the recruitment challenge by automating and streamlining a significant part of the hiring process, giving recruiters more time to focus on the core part of their responsibilities. To remain competitive and consolidate their position in the market, companies must use all the information they have and process their data to

renful maritime security

 The UK’s maritime industry employs almost 185,000 people and contributes approximately £40 billion to its economy. The world’s seaborne trade will continue to grow over the next ten years, which means that both shoreside and seaborne employment opportunities are expected to increase. It is how we make the trade of essential goods and services daily

Simfox SRI Romania

Renful has recently completed a 3-day Simfox train-the-trainer course in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. Between the 17th and 19th of May, eight members of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan received training on operating Renful’s Simfox x-ray simulator software.

Compliance Management Software

Companies use many systems and approaches to manage their day-to-day activities. Compliance Management Software reduces business risk by aligning employee tasks with the tools and resources needed to ensure compliance while conducting day-to-day operations. Find the best Compliance Management Software for your business An intelligent compliance management software will differentiate a successful business from those

recruitment and management software

What is recruitment management software? A recruitment management software is a set of modules to automatically help you in staffing and recruitment operations. The system allows easy hiring template generation, scheduling interviews etc. It ensures that candidates stay connected throughout the hiring process. How to choose the right management software? Before you choose the right


Renful has recently completed the Simfox installation and training services for our new customer, Incheon Airport Security, South Korea. The services were provided remotely via the internet. One more project completed successfully despite the COVID-related travel difficulties! We are confident that Simfox will prove to be an excellent asset for Incheon Airport Security and we


Air transport is one of the most popular among commuters due to its high speed, punctuality and more importantly, security. The regional and international air passenger experience involves numerous processes relating to travel documents, border management, information sharing, the identification of high-risk travellers, screening people, baggage and cargo for security purposes, global anti-terrorism objectives, and


Our long-standing customer ILUNION Spain (previously VINSA) has continued to place their trust in Renful‘s technologies by upgrading their Simfox X-ray Simulator to the most recent version. ILUNION has used Simfox for training security screening staff for more than 15 years. Do you want to learn more about SIMFOX?