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renful recruitment

Finding good talent to join your small business is one of the most important and difficult tasks you face as an entrepreneur at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Because employees are the greatest asset of one’s company, it is crucial to find candidates who are both highly capable and fit within your company culture.


Our long-standing customer ILUNION Spain (previously VINSA) has continued to place their trust in Renful‘s technologies by upgrading their Simfox X-ray Simulator to the most recent version. ILUNION has used Simfox for training security screening staff for more than 15 years. Do you want to learn more about SIMFOX?

aviation security training

The aviation industry has been developing at a record pace throughout the world. The passenger and cargo traffic movement at airports holds the key to operational efficiency, thus making it vital to ensure compliance to industry standards through the innovative operation of baggage handling and airport security. The industry has to deal with the use

maritime security

Maritime security has already become a global concern nowadays. Maritime security specialists are fully aware of the fact that severe threats could be posed if maritime security is jeopardized, as has been proven by a large number of incidents of such kind. Maritime security is a general term for the protection of vessels both internally

simfox upgrade for CAA

This month Renful has upgraded the Simfox X-ray Simulator provided to the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda in 2020. The CAA of Uganda is one of our 6 Civil Aviation Authorities customers in Africa. We appreciate the UCAA’s trust in our Simfox X-ray Simulator and our Trefox CBT course on e-learning. Do you want to

recruitment management software

Recruitment and management software resolves the recruitment challenge by automating and streamlining a major part of the hiring process, which in turn gives recruiters more time to focus on the core part of their responsibilities. To stay competitive and consolidate their position on the market, the companies must use all the information they have and

Association Airports of Ukraine start Simfox and EyeFox trial

On the 4th of February Renful Premier Technologies participated in an online conference of the Association “Airports of Ukraine“. Amongst around 50 participants, many showed great interest in our products. Two software of Renful were presented: Simfox – Simulator for X-ray and Eyefox – Automatic threat detection system. Soon both Simfox and Eyefox will be

Suerte Spain Purchase Simfox X-ray

Grupo Sureste Spain has recently acquired a license to use the Simfox X-Ray Simulator. The Simulator will be used for training airport screening staff in 5 airports across Spain. Thus compliance with the EU regulations regarding 6 x 6 training will be ensured, while screeners’ skills and motivation will be maintained. Renful is proud to