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Civil Aviation Academy, Kazakhstan Purchase Simfox

Last July Civil Aviation Academy in Almaty, Kazakhstan has purchased the Simfox X-Ray Simulator for Rapiscan Dual View. The system was installed remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Three-day training in Almaty Civil Aviation Academy was delivered by a local Simfox Instructor in Kazakhstan. Do you want to learn more about Simfox X-Ray Simulator?

Digital revolution in Aviation Cyber Security

Civil aviation operates in this cyber security environment used to improve safety and efficiency in air transport. The aviation industry uses an extensive computer-based interconnected system that includes flight information systems, security screening systems, and onboard control and communication systems for aircraft navigation. As the aviation industry is becoming increasingly digitalized and the risks of


Security Risk Management refers to the continuous identification and implementation of security plans. The risk is calculated by assessing the probability that known threats exploit vulnerabilities and their impact on valuable assets. Risk management and risk assessment are major components of Information Security Management. Renful – Premier Technologies has extensive experience providing security consultancy services

challenges in the maritime industry

Events in the recent past have proven that no country in the world is safe against terrorists. Terrorist attacks can, for whatever motives, occur at any time and any place. Even the shipping industry cannot escape that fact, and the recent examples precisely prove this. Unfortunately, this problem is not new to the world of

Cybersecurity risk prevention

Flying is by far the safest way to travel thanks to aviation safety standards being extremely high using advanced technologies and communications systems to operate. Aviation systems also embrace one of the highest levels of interconnected digital systems in use. But with this rapid advancement in connectivity comes a new and concerning threat: Hacktivism and

CT technology

CT technology (computerized tomography) in security operations allows companies to understand their surroundings better and identify potential threats before they happen. It also facilitates identification of hidden dangers or risks within the work environment, such as faulty equipment or hazardous materials. The exponential growth in air traffic demand calls for innovative solutions that guarantee efficiency

airport security

The purpose of airport security systems is to prevent dangerous substances or items, such as explosives, and weapons, from being introduced inside the aircraft and to ensure that all flights reach their destinations safely. Therefore, all passengers must walk through a metal detector before entering the gate area, and both hand baggage and checked-in baggage

face id cards

Forgery Detectors are used by airports, customs, police, and other high-security installations to identify fake passports, ID documents and banknotes. By using forgery detectors, fake ID cards are easy to spot. With the vast diversity of photocopiers, scanners and high-definition printers, document alteration and forgery have become more prevalent and frequent. This increasing trend of