Predictive Profiling – An effective tool for Security Purposes

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Predictive Profiling is a threat assessment method used to quickly identify people that pose a threat or risk to the well-being of the public or public institutions. Predictive Profiling has identified illegal passengers, criminals and terrorists through behavioural analysis, expert observation and questioning techniques. It has been employed in various contexts, including aviation security and border control. 

Profiling can selectively target certain individuals for additional searches and questioning and quickly isolate those few individuals who might warrant more thorough scrutiny by security personnel.

The origins of predictive profiling can be traced back to the surge in aircraft hijackings in the United States in early 1969. A response was deemed necessary, with eleven hijackings occurring in less than two months. However, it was after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that predictive profiling gained greater attention and underwent significant advancements.

Courses on predictive profiling usually aim to equip professionals like law enforcement, security, intelligence, and counterterrorism personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify potential threats or risks based on observable indicators and behavioural patterns. While the specific course content may vary, some of the common topics typically covered include:

  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Threat Assessment
  • Risk Factors and Indicators
  • Profiling Techniques
  • Observation and Situational Awareness
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercises
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations

Renful Premier Technologies is a top-notch provider of customised security training programs. They offer four-day instructor-led training sessions on Predictive Profiling. Benefits of the Renful Predictive Profiling Course include:

  • Establishing risk-based procedures for passenger screening
  • Use of complementary methods to screen passengers
  • Fast screening when maintaining a high level of security
  • Providing trainers with a complete set of predictive profiling tools

Enhance your proficiency and understanding of Predictive Profiling with Renful Premier Technologies’ 4-day instructor-led program. Renful Premier Technologies is a reputable organisation that offers tailored security training courses. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to register!

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