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Security X-ray machines are essential for detecting threats and contraband in aviation, customs and maritime domains. However, they also have limitations regarding resolution, penetration, and speed. To overcome these challenges, some operators may consider upgrading or replacing their existing machines with newer models, which can be costly and time-consuming. Alternatively, there are ways to extend the capabilities of security X-ray machines without huge capital expenditure. These include:

  • Using software enhancements to improve image quality and analysis. Software solutions can help operators adjust X-ray images’ contrast, brightness, colour, and zoom levels and apply filters, algorithms, and artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and suspicious objects.  For example, EyeFox, from Neural Guard, uses Artificial intelligence and automated threat detection to identify a wide range of weapon types, sharp objects, electroshock weapons, and improvised explosive devices. It Accesses an X-ray machine’s video feed and analyses it for potential threats while not interfering with the machine. 
  • Software enhancements can also enable remote viewing and sharing of X-ray images, facilitating collaboration and decision-making among security personnel. OpseM, from Renful Premier Technologies, streamlines the checkpoint output and permits physical searches away from the scanning operation using the pre-analysed X-ray images. It synchronises screeners and the manual search team without losing information and stores performance data for analysing and training.
  • Using accessories and attachments to enhance functionality and performance. Accessories and attachments can help operators modify or augment their X-ray machines’ capabilities according to their specific needs and scenarios. 
  • Using training and maintenance to optimise operation and efficiency. Training and maintenance can help operators use their X-ray machines more effectively and efficiently and prevent or resolve technical issues. Training can help operators learn how to operate the X-ray machines properly and interpret the X-ray images accurately. Renful’s Simfox is the most realistic Computed Tomography and computer-based X-ray simulator available to train and certify security screeners on image interpretation and threat detection.

For more information on getting more out of your existing equipment and enhancing your teams, please get in touch with the expert staff at Renful.

By using these methods, operators can extend the capabilities of their security X-ray machines without the need for huge capital expenditure. This can help them to enhance their security performance and productivity, as well as to save money and resources.

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