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Wherever you look around the world in job advertisements, vacancies abound for X-ray Screening Jobs in airports, maritime ports, and cargo handling facilities. Apart from the fact the travel industry is rallying at a faster rate than expected the dearth of screeners may also be due to X-ray screeners moving into other areas of work, job dissatisfaction, working conditions or natural attrition. In a recent analysis of statistics from one large airport service provider there was a turnover in a four-year period of between 30% and 80% in ten of their largest airports. Admittedly there may be any number of factors involved however, given the importance of maintaining a skilled team is vitally important to all air, sea and land passenger and goods movement.

Recruitment Management Software 

Primarily, recruiting the correct people for the job then training them followed by regular development for their skill sets. X-ray screening is both difficult and stressful as a lack of concentration or focus may have catastrophic results so initially choosing the correct candidates is a key factor in retention and will go a long way to ensuring the people remain motivated to get through the training phase. 

Renful Premier Technologies has a suite of tools to assist employers and recruiters to choose the best suited candidates: Pre-M Recruitment Testing was developed for any type of organisation employing and/or hiring X-ray operators. It consists of nine tools to assess candidate performance and can be specifically calibrated to suit the required levels of individual employers. It forms the basis for a complete recruitment management software and is the stage prior to interview using the online pre employment exam which includes a psychometric testing module and pre employment aptitude test. 

Of course, if you need support or additional information, the Renful Premier Technologies team is available. Renful also supplies a suite of simulator security training to prepare and develop both your new and existing staff.

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