Renful at International Security Expo 2019

Renful at International Security Expo 2019

Renful exhibited at International Security Expo that was held in Olympia London last week on December 3rd and 4th. This year’s theme Evolving Security Through Innovation attracted over 13,000 visitors and 375+ exhibitors from Governments, Transport & Borders, Cyber Security and many more security-related sectors.

The exhibition was successful for the Renful family as it was a great opportunity to display and demonstrate our outstanding products to various manufacturers, distributors, security professionals and existing and prospective customers.  We have also proudly presented the industry’s first cabin baggage CT simulator SimFox Computed Tomography at the expo. It is a web-based software that enables training and certification of screeners operating CT equipment at airports and compatible with L3 ClearScan and EDSCB.

Our founder and chairman Moshe Cohen delivered a presentation titled From Screener Training to AI Deep Learning. With 25 years of experience in creating pioneering tools for the improvement of image interpretation skills and for the continuous monitoring of threat detection performance of operators, Renful and Neural Guard developed an AI-based algorithm called Eye-Fox that automatically detects threat items such as firearms, ammunition, hand grenades, and knives in X-ray and CT images.

Moshe concluded that the combined deployment of skilled employees and a tireless algorithm will increase the probability of threat detection and improve screening efficiency.

Other promoted products of Renful include OpeReady and OpSEM which are security compliance and checkpoint efficiency monitoring systems.

We were delighted to see many of our existing customers and to meet new potential clients. We are looking forward to meet new business opportunities in the upcoming year 2020.

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