Renful has developed the first ever Container X-Ray Simulator

Container X-Ray Simulator

In recent years, there has been a significant increase of volume in cargo traffic. Detection of contraband items, smuggled goods or terrorism related threats including weapons of mass destruction during cargo screening is more challenging these days as concealment techniques have become highly sophisticated making the operators’ job harder.

Despite the advanced technology available, a scanner is only as effective as its operator hence there is a pressing need for training.

In 2013, Renful has developed the first ever X-ray simulator for Rapiscan Eagle and Nuctech that is designed to provide the most effective computer based training for Container and Vehicle Scanner operators. The system aims to improve the operator’s X-Ray image analysis skills which result in more efficient inspection.

Why train with SIMFOX Container X-Ray Simulator?

Adaptable to your requirements – Every organisation has different training requirements. The SIMFOX Container X-ray Simulator supports all types of cargo and vehicle inspection operations, it is fully customisable to the organization’s needs, whether it be, Customs, Sea Port or Border Authority. The software enables trainers to create tailor-made content by placing items into an empty/full container chosen from the image library or alternatively upload their own X-ray images of containers and vehicles and by that expose trainees to real life seizures in classroom setting.

Realistic simulation – Effective cargo screening requires the comparison of X-ray image with the declaration of content as well as the proficient use of the available image manipulation tools. The SIMFOX Container X-Ray Simulator imitates the real working environment by providing manifest / content declaration to trainees and also offers manufacturer specific tools including zoom and image enhancement features allowing them to practice detection in lifelike situations.

Performance evaluation – In order to identify areas of improvement, it is essential that individual training results are analysed. Renful’s SIMFOX Container X-ray Simulator allows trainers to evaluate the performance of each trainee – once their sessions are completed – by analysing their score, actions and processing time. The user-friendly scoring system is fully adjustable to the various experience levels and trainees can further improve their X-Ray image analysis skills by reviewing their training sessions after completion.

In our experience, organisations have different necessities and budgets for training. The SIMFOX Container X-ray Simulator is available through a number of licensing options including purchase, rental and pay per use options so that we can tailor our offering to each client’s requirements.

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