Renful Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Renful Workshop in Buenos Aires

On the 15th of May 2018, Renful has provided a Security Training and Compliance Management Workshop to executive personnel of Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria (PSA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
PSA – an Argentine law enforcement agency created to protect and guard national public airports – is looking to enhance its existing training methodologies to include e-learning and simulation training as well as to establish a national quality control system for the aviation security industry.
During the one-day event, Renful has showcased its comprehensive software, services and products portfolio of Pre-Selection, Training, Testing and Management which received a lot of interest from the part taking PSA personnel:
Pre-M (Pre-employment Testing System)
Trefox (Training Essentials for X-ray – CBT)
Simfox (Security Training & Testing X-Ray Simulator)
OpeReady (Operational Readiness and Compliance Management System) software
OpSEM (Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System) software
The workshop provides a great opportunity to discover how our products work and how they can be implemented into a security training operation to improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of employees.

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