SAMS – An Innovative Screener Accreditation Management System

Renful, in partnership with OpeReady Systems, has recently developed a hybrid software platform,
SAMS (Screener Accreditation Management System). The platform combines Simfox’ X-ray & CT
image interpretation testing capabilities with OpeReady’s compliance management facility.
The first client to procure the innovative hybrid system, SAMS, is the Australian Government’s
Department of Home Affairs. SAMS will enable the Australian authorities to conduct national
certification testing and licensing of screeners in the aviation, maritime, and air cargo sectors and to
monitor the skill and competency levels of the entire Australian transport security workforce, a
particular groups or an individual screener.

With the use of SAMS, authorities can ensure that all screeners are meeting a national standard of
competency and are possessing the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform their vital
roles in the security operation.
In addition to providing essential data to regulating authorities, SAMS also allows individual
screeners to securely view and print out their own certification status. This motivates individual
screeners to perform at the highest levels.

We at Renful are confident that SAMS will prove to be a valuable procurement for the Australian Government and we are now able to offer the innovative SAMS platform to all our clients who seeks
to introduce or upgrade their screener certification program.

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