The Importance of Regular Testing and Training

X-ray screeners play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of passengers and crew in airports and cruise ships. Their job is to identify prohibited items or dangerous materials that may threaten the vessel’s security, airport or aircraft. Given the importance of their career, it is essential to ensure that X-ray screeners are adequately trained and tested regularly to maintain their competency and accuracy. 

One critical consideration is the frequency of testing for X-ray screeners. Regular testing is necessary to ensure that screeners can identify new threat objects accurately and detect prohibited items. Additionally, regular testing can help identify gaps in knowledge or skill, enabling managers to provide additional training to fill those gaps.

Another important consideration is the need for refresher training and testing for X-ray screeners who have been absent from work for a long time. Long absences from work can result in skill fade, where the screener’s competency and accuracy may have deteriorated due to lack of practice. Refresher training and testing can mitigate this by identifying any areas of weakness and providing additional training to fill those gaps.

The benefits of regular testing and training are numerous. For one, it helps ensure that X-ray screeners are familiar with the latest technology and threat objects, enabling them to identify prohibited items accurately. Additionally, regular training and testing can boost the confidence of X-ray screeners, leading to improved job performance and reduced error rates.

Renful Premier Technologies produced Simfox, an industry-leading X-ray simulator for security X-ray screener training.

Simfox is the most realistic computer-based X-ray simulator for conventional security X-ray, Computed Tomography (CT simulator) and cargo and container simulator available to train and certify security screeners on image interpretation and threat detection.

The system, in use in 84 countries, is a highly customisable, immersive and realistic training experience that helps them to identify a wide range of potential threats hidden in bags and other objects.

The Renful Premier Technologies team can assist you with additional support or information.

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