CT technology

What are the advantages of the CT technology?

CT technology (computerized tomography) in security operations allows companies to understand their surroundings better and identify potential threats before they happen. It also facilitates identification of hidden dangers or risks within the work environment, such as faulty equipment or hazardous materials.

The exponential growth in air traffic demand calls for innovative solutions that guarantee efficiency without compromising safety or the passenger experience.

Whether for business or leisure, airport passengers seek a smooth, fluid experience at the airport. In turn, airports are eager to simplify the journey across the airport to allow passengers the freedom to enjoy what the airport has to offer. This has become even more important as non-aeronautical revenue streams, such as retail, are vital for an airports’ financial stability.

What is CT?

CT is the latest checkpoint X-ray scanning equipment to increase threat detection capabilities for carry-on baggage. The technology is like CT technology used in the medical field, and research shows that CT is the most powerful technology available today for airport checkpoints.

Let us clarify what this entails. Many airports’ screening technology for carry-on bags uses 2-D images. The CT technology combines a series of X-ray images and applies sophisticated algorithms by creating a 3-D image that can be viewed and rotated 360 degrees for a thorough analysis. This results in accurate detection and identification of explosives including liquid explosives.

Simfox CT is an X-Ray Computed Tomography Simulator used to train and evaluate the X-ray detection skills of security screeners in Airports.

What are the advantages of CT technology?

CT technology provides enhanced detection of threat items. Like existing CT technology used for checked baggage, the machines create a clear picture of a bag’s contents that computers can automatically detect explosives, including liquids.

A thin slice of radiation is passed through the object with CT, and a detector array measures the transmitted intensity. The thin X-ray beam is rotated around the object to obtain views from all directions. A computer processes the data to reconstruct the x-ray attenuation coefficients corresponding to volume elements within the object’s interior. The reconstructed information allows imaging the object’s interior in its proper dimensional orientation as if it were sliced open. This unprecedented imaging capability allows the ready interpretation of complicated geometries and quantitative dimensional and density information measurement. CT applies to examinations for volumetric defect detection and configuration control.

Computed Tomography scanners

Renful Premier Technologies has catered to a growing need to train Computed Tomography machine operators to a high standard and has developed a unique simulator and training platform – Simfox Computed Tomography.

The platform is built on the standard Simfox 2D Baggage and, as such, has all the valuable features of bag building, progress monitoring and supervisor reports. Simfox Computed Tomography bridges the classroom and operation gap by providing an identical, virtual platform for screeners to develop their skills.

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