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What are the most common maritime security issues?

Maritime security has already become a global concern nowadays. Maritime security specialists are fully aware of the fact that severe threats could be posed if maritime security is jeopardized, as has been proven by a large number of incidents of such kind.

Maritime security is a general term for the protection of vessels both internally and externally. In practice, though, this general term is shaped by each of the related security fields and maritime security scenarios we teach during our courses.

The most frequent maritime security issues


When transporting valuable goods and resources, there are sometimes attempts at the local level to steal these goods from vessels. Maritime security officers need to be vigilant for this reason both in port and at sea, to make sure valuable and sensitive cargo is secure.


Maritime security officers must make sure that when their vessel is in port, no unauthorized personnel come aboard and tamper with sensitive equipment. Even if the documented crew members carry out vessel operations correctly, a trespasser can tamper with cargo rigging and other sensitive gear, which can lead to severe problems at sea.

Maritime terrorist threats

Modern advances in telecommunications and international commercial logistics have increased the range and avenues open to terrorists. In many cases, criminals attempt to use marine shipping channels to transport dangerous weapons and materials.

Maritime security appears to be a large and sometimes not fully understood concept. In fact it has become a large task involving many entities from international, public and private sectors aiming at:

• preserving the freedom of the seas
• facilitating and defending commerce
• maintaining good governance at sea

How to prevent maritime security issues: Maritime security courses

The shipping industry is growing and technology is quickly advancing, therefore companies and crew members need to be constantly updated regarding the best security protocols to protect their vessel, crew members and their country. With the help of proper maritime security, threats to the ship and the people on it can be thwarted. Nowadays, marine transportation has reached greater heights and this is why maritime security companies are needed for professional safety services for the ships and ports.

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For example, Predictive Profiling is a threat assessment method used for the quick identification of people that pose a threat, or risk, to the well being of the public or to public institutions. Predictive Profiling has proved to be successful in the identification of illegal passengers, criminals and terrorists through the application of behavioural analysis and expert observation and/or questioning techniques.

Profiling can selectively target certain individuals for additional searches and questioning and quickly isolate those few individuals who might warrant more thorough scrutiny by security personnel.

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