What is an SIA Licence required for?

SIA security course

The process of getting your SIA licence to work in the security industry can be a complicated one.
Licences are issued exclusively by the SIA in the UK, and you’ll have to sit an exam to be granted one – but before you even get that far, you’ll need to undergo some SIA approved training.

There are many SIA license training schemes available. Just make sure you choose one that is SIA approved.

These modules are further broken down to cover off specific job-related responsibilities, such as security guards, cash and valuables in transit, close protection and public space surveillance, including the use of CCTV. You’ll also learn other valuable skills, relevant to working in the security sector, such as how to conduct on-site security patrols and how to execute a body pat-down search.

Who is eligible to apply for an SIA Licence?

There are strict criteria governing who can apply for an SIA licence and not everyone will be eligible. You have to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Pass an ID check
  • Undergo a criminal records check
  • Be eligible to work in the UK
  • Complete SIA approved training

Can you get an SIA Licence if you have a criminal record?

A criminal records check is a necessary aspect of the SIA licencing application. If you have a criminal record, you won’t automatically be denied an SIA licence, but this will be taken into account when your application is processed.

Whether or not your criminal record will prevent you from being granted a licence depends on the nature of the offence(s) and when they took place. Every application will be judged on its own merits, so if you do have criminal activity logged against your record, you must accept the possibility that your licence application could be rejected and your £210 admin fee withheld.

SIA Licence application fees

The cost of applying for an SIA Licence is £190. If you already hold a valid SIA Badge you can apply for another at a discounted rate.

The costs of the SIA card is non-refundable, so ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and correct licences before applying.
Factors that can affect getting your SIA Licence are:

  • Whether you have the right to work in the UK
  • An incomplete address history
  • Criminal record checks
  • If you have spent any time outside of the UK

You will need a SIA business licence if you provide security industry services in the following sectors:

  • Security guarding
  • Door Supervision
  • Key Holding
  • Close Protection
  • Cash and Valuables In Transit,
  • Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Security guard training

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