Why do you need to check your employees before hiring

check your employees before hiring

The act of determining an individual’s personal history and background, usually by searching public documents, is known as background checking.

Background checks are used for a variety of purposes, including screening potential employees, background checks for law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and criminal investigations.

Companies use them to determine whether there are any allegations or legal actions against that person that would negatively impact their operations or financial bottom line. For example, a company might only hire individuals who have no felony convictions in their past.

Some states require employers with more than one person on staff to make sure they are not hiring people with felonies on their resumes.

Why you should put more effort into checking employees’ backgrounds

Background check services are becoming more critical to employers. It is a prerequisite for certain positions, especially those with a criminal record. There are so many methods of checking an applicant’s background, including social media, credit checks, and Human Resource Management.

Employers should put more effort into checking their employees’ backgrounds because it will benefit the company overall. Human resource management is usually the first step that employers take to check if an applicant is qualified for a job position or not.

Background checks can also help reduce insurance rates by reducing incidents of theft or other crimes committed by employees.

Thinks to consider when you hire someone

Every firm should screen candidates for a job interview during the recruiting process. Background checks are performed to offer you total trust in the people you are employing. Because the essential investment you can make is in your workers, investing in the wrong people might end up costing your organisation time, reputational branding damage, and money.

Pay attention to their CVs

More than half of all candidates will exaggerate their CV or job application information. This implies that if you do not perform background checks at the interview stage, it is easy to recruit people who are not suitably qualified or able to fulfill the physical requirements of the advertised position. The most common areas of deceit include previous employment, qualifications, and skills, as well as job titles and duties. Because candidates believe prospective employers would not check into these areas, they are frequently exaggerated. Fraud may be harmful in a variety of ways. It may influence productivity, quality of work, and customer service, affecting everyone, from customers to co-workers.

​Check the criminal record of the candidates

Whether you are hiring someone long-term or short-term, you should ensure that they do not have a criminal record.

You can find out if they have any criminal records by examining their background. You can do this by checking their credentials and having an online presence. If the person does not have any certifications or online presence, it would be hard to prove that they are eligible for work.

When hiring someone, you should also make sure that there is no history of mental health issues, addiction issues, drug abuse or violence against animals/people, which will affect the safety of your company and your employees

Check candidates’ references

A suitable candidate will have a good mix of experience and education on their resume. They will also know what type of company they are applying for and provide relevant examples from past experiences.

When hiring, you should check references on social media, professional profiles, and any public information that the candidate has made available.

It would help if you also asked for recommendations from people that know the candidate well. You can also ask for suggestions on social media or other channels if the candidate is unlisted.

​Renful Premier Technologies – quality services for background check

Renful Premier Technologies offers screening services to identify security and commercial threats against an organisation.

You want to make sure you hire only the most suitable individuals for your company. Our checks highlight unusual events and troubling information. After collecting the required data, we assess the level of risk presented by candidates or current employees:

  • National and international terrorism threat
  • Misconduct
  • Negative or hostile sentiment towards your organisation
  • Criminal background
  • We have designated persons or companies on sanction lists.

What do we check when we hire someone?

When hiring a new employee, there are specific factors that we need to consider. These factors can range from the applicant’s identity to their personality and criminal record. 

  • Reference – candidates and employees submit an online form detailing their background and providing referees.
  • Identity – we use several databases to validate the authenticity of the candidate/employee’s identity and documents.
  • Criminal Record Check – we examine the person’s five years of criminal history. Within the check’s framework, we review the candidate’s documents (Certificate of Good Conduct or Lack of Criminal Record) obtained from the appropriate authorities where he has resided in the last five years.

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