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Why is aviation security training so important?

The aviation industry has been developing at a record pace throughout the world. The passenger and cargo traffic movement at airports holds the key to operational efficiency, thus making it vital to ensure compliance to industry standards through the innovative operation of baggage handling and airport security.

The industry has to deal with the use of coercion and insiders to facilitate criminal activity and attacks; threats to civil aviation airspace and cyberattacks designed to disrupt critical processes such as air traffic control systems, navigational aids, and passenger booking and management systems.

All facets of civil aviation are at risk – passenger aircraft, air cargo, airports, and related facilities and operations.

These innovations that promote a more touchless, seamless approach to airport security screening, which has become a more important objective during the current COVID-19 pandemic, have the potential to radically transform the way the passengers and baggage are screened.

Our training portfolio includes modules for:

  • Flight Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Airport Ground Handling Personnel
  • Airport Security Screeners
  • Known Consignors
  • Regulated Agents
  • Certified Hauliers
  • Known and Regulated Suppliers
  • Cargo and Mail Agents
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Inflight & Airport Suppliers

As security threats continue to morph, we have to remain vigilant, addressing known threats as well as new and undefined ones. That is the reason why we will continue to implement multi-layered security measures; discouraging, minimising and eliminating potential security threats.

Why is Cyber Security so important for Aviation?

– Allows analysis of the organization’s operational preparedness of aircraft screening and guarding

– Prepares organizations’ strategies and contingency plans

– Enables organizations to analyze and plan new operational concepts

– Create essential tools needed for the management of critical situations

The target audience for our aviation security courses is represented by:

• Airport managers and personnel with security responsibilities

• Suppliers and service providers with security responsibilities at the airport (e.g., ground handlers, maintenance organizations, cargo agents, catering companies, or airport security providers, etc.)

• Civil aviation security regulators

Renful aviation security courses

First of all, you have to know we are experts in aviation security training and our specialists are ready to share their knowledge with the trainees.

Just like the aviation industry, with its international and multicultural character, our team consists of employees of many different nationalities. We share a mutual passion for supporting a safer and sustainable aviation industry.

Our courses are designed for aviation professionals and cover all aspects of aviation safety and security regulation.

Our courses will train aviation security personnel at the managerial level to plan, coordinate and implement the application of airport security preventive measures.

Renful Premier Technologies offers high-class services and products.
Cybersecurity is an effective and proportionate approach to the regulation of the aviation industry’s management of cybersecurity risk.

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