X-ray Image Analysis Course in Georgia

x-ray image analysis course georgia

Renful has delivered two X-ray Image Analysis Training courses, in different cities of Georgia, Tbilisi and Batumi. The course featured Renful’s renowned Simfox computer-based training program, simulating the X-ray screening environment.

Computer based training course in Geogria

The X-ray Image Analysis course prepares screeners to enhance their knowledge and image interpretation skills, in order to identify contrabands in luggage. Through our 3-day training courses, trainees updated their knowledge and visual gallery of potential threat items under X-ray conditions, and effective use of the image enhancement functions available on the equipment they operate.

Renful’s flagship product Simfox exposes the screeners in training to various threat items from many different angles, building a basis in his visual memory for image recognition. Moreover, the Simfox training program is designed to be adaptive, allowing trainers to train screeners with any level of experience, making it suitable for such analysis courses when the subjects of training are custom officers already working on the job.

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