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Once initial security X-ray screener training is completed is that all that is required? Well, hopefully not. To maintain a level of competency and to keep up with developing threats it is essential to train regularly. New threat identification and skill fade all need to be addressed by continuous training.

In some countries, local regulations stipulate how many hours of training must be completed in a set period or frequency. This may involve using a computer-based x-ray simulator or several hours per month using Threat Image Projection which is available with most models of X-ray machines. While these regulations primarily apply to the aviation industry cruise ship security has also adopted similar ongoing training guidelines. This is commendable, the fact that cruise lines are recognizing the need for refresher training acknowledging there are cogent reasons for doing so. 

The best way to demonstrate the existence of new threats which may be hidden within carry-on luggage, as well as checked luggage, is to show the threat item in an X-ray simulator. Very few facilities would be able to present actual threat items on premises even if they were available. Sadly, some facilities are using a computer-based x-ray simulator the database of which has not been or has never updated. This results in the same images and testing constantly repeated, to the extent that screeners using the device tap away at the same images. The result is boredom for the users and develops complacency with the screeners which may have devasting consequences in practice. 

Ideally, a computer-based x-ray simulator should have an up-to-date database of images, the ability to randomize the images and a review facility which shows both the X-ray image and a photograph of the item. 

Renful Premier Technologies has taken the lead in security X-ray screener training with the SIMFOX range of simulators.

SIMFOX products consist of SIMFOX Computed Tomography, SIMFOX Cargo Container, SIMFOX 2D Baggage and contain:

  • High quality X-ray images
  • Manufacturer-specific image manipulation buttons available via an on-screen dashboard
  • Manifest available for Cargo/Mail

See the full range of features to assist you Whether you need to train 1 or 1000 screeners, and if you need x-ray security software for an airport, freight forwarder, Customs Authority, Police Department, Parliament, Court House or Port, we offer Simfox 2D Baggage X-ray packages that will match your exact training needs and budgetary requirements. 

SIMFOX is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and German.

Renful Premier Technologies offers high-class services and products. Whether security products are based on artificial intelligence, training courses or consulting, Renful Premier Technologies guarantees the quality of its products.

If you still haven’t found the product you are looking for or if you want to choose from a wider range of products, we have made the Product Catalogue available to you.

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