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Personal file

All HR information, x-ray simulator and CBT results, compliance task records, TIP results, certification and recertification records as well as OJT (On-the-Job-Training) and procedure assessment records, etc. can be stored under “one roof “.

Processing and displaying TIP results

Downloading raw TIP data from all major x-ray machines such as L3, Rapiscan, Smith-Heimann, Gilardoni, Cobra, Opto Security and uploading into OpeReady.

OpeReady automatically processes the raw TIP data and presents it in a clear and meaningful way in the relevant personal files. The OpeReady uploading process, for hundreds of personal files, is completed in less than 2-3 minutes.

OpeReady Tablet

Any assessment related paper form can be replaced by the OpeReady tablet. Conversion to the tablet interface can easily be done, without a programmer’s assistance. After completing an assessment, the report (including the assessors and the assessee’s signature) is being sent directly to the relevant personal file.

Compliance status alerts

OpeReady uses a quick view traffic light system to rank the compliance levels of employees, departments and the company as a whole:

Green – compliant without any exceptions.
Amber -medium priority to complete compliance tasks.
Red– high priority to successfully complete compliance tasks.

The compliance status report is presented detailed reports, that can automatically be e-mailed to the relevant managers.

Read & Sign module

In case of a procedural change or memo, management can keep track of the distribution of the information by uploading the document to OpeReady.
This can be assigned to each employee that the information is relevant to, they then receive an email notification requesting them to access the system, read the document and acknowledge receipt.

Maintenance module

OpeReady can also manage and monitor all key Security equipment’s maintenance, according to the specific procedure of each equipment type.
OpeReady is tracking every equipments fault report, sending automatic alerts about untreated fault.

Links with Simfox and other security softwares

OpeReady can communicate with the Simfox x-ray simulator, automatically uploading Simfox results into the relevant personal files in OpeReady.
OpeReady can also connect with and import information from other systems, such as an LMS (Learning Management System).

Reports and Graphic display

OpeReady uses an innovative and powerful easy to handle repot module and graphic results display. All the information that is stored in OpeReady can be analysed and displayed in a variety of options (ie. comparing average employee evaluation by K.P.I. (Key Performance Indicator) from various task subjects, ie. presenting a training activity schedule, etc.)

Completely Customisable

OpeReady is a completely customisable system, ensuring it can be utilised by large or small organisations or installed in governing bodies such as the CAA or Department for Transport to identify and manage training and qualification requirements and records of thousands of employees with different jobs throughout the country.