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How to Purchase Pre-M

The Pre-M License consists of two parts:

Pre-M License

A Pre-M License must be purchased for each computer that it will be installed on. This means that if you would like to use Pre-M on two separate computers, you will need to purchase two licenses. The License does not run out, so you do not need to worry about renewing it.

Pre-M Tests

Tests must also be purchased for each Pre-M License. Once you have used up all your initial Tests, you are then able to top up quickly and easily by contacting us.


Pre-M can be calibrated so that it takes into consideration the score of existing employees. This ensures that new candidates will possess at least the same qualifications as your existing workforce.
The following details the stages required for the calibration of Pre-M to your company’s norms:

First stage:
  • Pre-M is installed for the sole purpose of collecting data. At least 50 employees for each job within the organisation are tested. Baggage screeners, for instance, constitute one job role within an organisation. Therefore, if the company wishes to use the system for recruiting baggage screeners, then at least 50 current employees with this job role should be tested at this stage.
  • Test results of all 50 participants, together with validity criteria, i.e. Simfox results, are sent via e-mail to Renful where they are analysed for the development of your company’s norms.
Second stage:
  • This is the data analysis stage. Local norms are built, tests scores are compared to criteria data. Two to three weeks after the arrival of data, you will receive individual reports regarding the initial norm sample, one report for each participant.
  • It should be noted that 50 participants is a restricted sample for the purpose of building stable norms. Therefore, we will give the client the option to test 30 more participants, and get a report within 24 hours of data arrival.
Third stage:
  • Pre-M is installed with local norms and the option to produce individual reports independently. This stage is accomplished 1 month after the completion of 80 tests.
  • We will gladly supply regular services for updating the norms (on the basis of larger groups), or country-dependent norms (participants tested in different countries or different languages) or age-dependent norms (for the attention and vigilance tests) as long as the appropriate data is supplied. Reaction time is 4-14 days, depending on the amount of data.