19/06/2019by admin


Pre-M recruitment testing is used to identify the best-suited candidate for the role of an X-ray screener.

It provides 8 essential tests taken over 45 minutes and an automated report that features an evaluation of the overall capabilities of the candidate.

The system includes a built-in tutorial and does not require the candidate to have any prior knowledge of X-ray screening.

Pre-M has been developed for any type of organisation that employs and/or hires X-ray operators.

Reduce staff turnover

Pre-M ensures organisations recruit the right person from the outset by identifying the candidates that possess the skills, personality and characteristics needed to become successful X-ray screeners.

This ensures that both money and time is not wasted hiring, training and testing the wrong person.

Improve workforce skill levels

Pre-M can be calibrated so that it accounts for the scores of existing employees.

This ensures that organisations can hire new X-ray screeners that possess at least the same capabilities as their existing workforce.