Our X-ray Screeners comply with EU and UK Regulations

EU and UK Legislation requires that all new screeners using X-ray/EDS equipment in the aviation sector must pass the NXCT (National X-ray Competency Test) before they are allowed to undertake screening of the following:

  • Cabin Baggage
  • Hold Baggage
  • Air Cargo

The NXCT is a computer-based test issued by the UK Department for Transport, to assess a person’s understanding and competency for conducting screening using X-ray or EDS (Explosive Detection Systems) equipment in the aviation sector on baggage and cargo.

All existing screeners that have passed the NXCT are required to re-take and pass the test every 13 months in order to continue to be validated to screen aviation baggage and cargo.

Renful Premier Technologies has been authorised on behalf of the UK Department of Transport (Dft) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to administer the National X-ray Competency Test. Our NXCT service ensures that your screeners are tested quickly and efficiently and to the national and international recognised standard, ensuring your organisational compliance.

Renful can provide the NXCT service at either our fully equipped testing centre in London, or at the client’s premises.

Why should you choose NXCT test?

  • NXCT is not manufacturer-specific, so can be used for a wide range of X-ray screening equipment
  • NXCT is available for cabin baggage screening, hold baggage screening, and cargo screening
  • NXCT is available as either a stand-alone tool, or as part of a full testing support package

Why is National X-ray Competency Test the Right Choice For Your Company

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