Forgery Detectors are used by Airports, Customs, Police and other high security installations to identify fake passports, ID documents and banknotes.


The mini-QDX is a compact, portable Infrared Document Examination System for the inspection of documents in areas where space is limited. With six light sources, a camera and monitor and a motorised zoom lens, the mini-QDX has all the features of larger systems but in a very compact package. The standard mini-QDX is supplied with a universal external power supply, but it may be powered from any external 12 volt dc source, such as a vehicle battery. Where portability is required it can be supplied with a padded carrying case.


The PD-350 is a compact and versatile Forgery Detection System for the inspection of all types of security documents where mains power is unavailable or intermittent. Providing up to six light sources and a variety of additional tools, the PD-350 is a powerful weapon against document fraud that can help detect counterfeits and forgeries without damaging the document.


The Checkpoint-D is a robust, cost effective instrument for the examination of all types of documents where speed and efficiency are the first priority. It can be installed in a variety of locations where rapid and accurate verification is required. The small size allows easy fitting to Immigration and Customs Control Desks and it is unobtrusive in banking institutions where personal and financial documents need authenticating. The Checkpoint-D contains all the necessary light sources to check current document security safeguards and to highlight many modes of fraudulent alteration. Unique to the Checkpoint-D is an adjustable window that allows easy examination of retro reflective features and at the same time affords eye protection against UV lamps.


The QDX-430 uses the non-destructive techniques of infra-red absorption and luminescence for the detection of fraudulent documents of all kinds. The QDX-430 comes with a carry case which allows complete portability and remote field operation.

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