STPs (Standard Test Pieces) are used to test x-ray machines are functioning correctly and that there are no obvious changes that might affect their performance to detect and display important materials.
For applications such as Airports and Cargo forwarders, it is a legal obligation within the EU to regularly test X-Ray equipment for image quality using the STP.

xray test pieces

The Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece

The Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece (EWSTP) is a variant of the STP that has the AWG wires exposed for a clearer definition. It complies with the requirements of the EC document C 2015 8005 12.3.2. The Department for Transport has approved the EWSTP for use within the UK.

xray test pieces

The Mail Screening Test Piece

The Mail Screening Test Piece (MSTP) is a new security customized tool dedicated to Mail Screening. The MSTP has been designed by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), at the request of and in association with CPNI, for mail screening applications to monitor X-ray system image quality. The MSTP should be used for regular checks on the Mail X-Ray machines to make sure the equipment is up to standards.

large tunnel


The LTSTP has been developed to test cargo x-ray screening systems with large tunnel sizes of up to 1800mm high. It is essentially two STPs in a purpose made case that has been designed to sit directly on the x-ray machine’s rollers. A solid base serves to reduce vibration and together with an improved method of AWG wire retention, the LTSTP will show an operator a clearer definition of images on the screening monitor.

xray test pieces


The STP is designed to test standard sized x-ray machines. It complies with regulations set by the European Civil Aviation Conference and can be used within all European Union countries. The units weigh approximately 4kg and are supplied inside a protective black plastic attaché case.

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