An employee background check services is a key part of the hiring process. This is to ensure you have a full and accurate view of who you are hiring.

We offer a variety of screening services to identify security and/or commercial threats against an organisation.

You want to make sure you hire only the most suitable individuals for your company. Our checks highlight unusual events and troubling information. After collecting the required data, we assess the level of risk presented by candidates or current employees:

  • National and international terrorism threat
  • Missconduct
  • Negative or hostile sentiment towards your organization
  • Criminal background
  • Designated persons or companies in sanction lists.

What do we check?

  • Reference – candidates and employees submit an online form, detailing their background and providing referees.
  • Identity – we use several databases to validate the authenticity of the candidate/employee’s identity and documents.
  • Criminal Record Check – we examine the person’s 5 years of criminal history. Within the check’s framework, we review the candidate’s documents (Certificate of Good Conduct or Lack of Criminal Record) that are obtained from the appropriate authorities where he resides in the last 5 years.


Within the framework, we review the candidate’s documents (Certificate of Good Conduct or Lack of Criminal Record) that are obtained from the appropriate authorities of where he has resided in the last 5 years.

While not every crime automatically eliminates a candidate, the check allows the organisation to make a better decision regarding the level of responsibility and exposure to customers and other sensitive data given to a new employee.

In some cases, the test is carried out by directly searching court records, with the candidate’s consent to do so.

It should be emphasized that criminal background checks are carried out only in countries where there are no legal restrictions on this matter.

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