drugs identification simulant training kit

The Drugs Identification Training Kit consists of 35 individual simulant drug samples; each packed into small colour coded plastic boxes showing their background information. It also includes four boards showing the paraphernalia associated with taking Cocaine, Methyl Amphetamines, Heroin and Cannabis. A colour identification chart is provided that can be used as part of training, or hung up in break room or common area so employees never stop learning. This drug training aid provides its users with an extremely useful training tool as its contents replicate real drugs to an unparalleled level. The simulated drugs are visually and texturally correct making them perfect for use in drug awareness training for newly trained police officers, school children, customs officers, prison guards and airport screeners.

Cocaine Paraphernalia Board

Lines of Cocaine on a mirror with razor blades | Bag of Cocaine | Bank note & spoon for snorting | Crack cocaine in a “stash container” | Crack pipe | Matches

Methyl amphetamine Paraphernalia Board

Papers with lid torn for roach / filter | Smoked “joint” with roach / filter & smoked “joint” with pin | Long “joint” | Standard length “joint” without roach / filter | Long rolling papers | Samples of Hash, Herbal & Oil Marijuana | Stash device for concealment | Standard length rolling papers

Heroin Paraphernalia Board

Wrap of heroin | Open wrap of heroin | Hypodermic syringe | Tourniquet for injecting | Spoon for heating heroin with filter | Vial of water to dissolve powder | Homemade pipe for smoking

Individual Simulated Drug Samples

Opiates | Opium | Diamorphine | Opiate Analgesics | Heroin


Marijuana / Skunk | Cannabis Oil | Hasheesh | Benzodiazepines – Temazepam | Benzodiazepines – Rohypnol | Barbiturates | Methadone


LSD | DOB | DMT | Magic Mushrooms | Ketamine | Stimulants | Ritalin | Cocaine | Crack Cocaine | Ecstasy | PMA | Amphetamines


Ritalin | | Cocaine | Crack cocaine | Ecstasy | PMA | Amphetamines | Khat

Other Stimulants

Other Drug Samples | GHB Liquid Ecstasy | Amyl Nitrate | Buzz Liquid Legal High | Steroids in pill & injectable form | Amphetamines | Khat

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