explosives identification simulant training kit

The Explosives Identification Training Kit consists of 36 samples of the most common types of explosives in the world. Each inert explosive is placed inside a small colour coded plastic box that shows its name, composition, country of origin and type. This explosives training aid is designed to help newly recruited security screeners learn how explosives look and feel enabling them to better detect them. The kit is handily contained within a solid, protective briefcase allowing for easy transportation and contains a number of posters explaining the different types of explosives.

Primary Explosives

Mercury Fulminate | Armstrong’s Mixture | Lead Azide | DDNP | ASA

Binary Explosives


Secondary Explosives

TNT | RDX | Nitroglycerine | PETN | Composition B | Composition 4 – C4 | HMX | Pentoline | Nitrocellulose | PE4 | SX2 | TGAG-5 | Straight Dynamite | Ammonia | Dynamite | Gelatine Dynamite | Military Dynamite | Semtex H | Semtex S1A | Semtex 10 | Detonating Cord | PLX

Other Explosives

Smokeless Powder | Safety Fuse | ANAL | ANS | TATP | HMTD | Nitromethane | Sugar | Chlorate | ANNM

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