hidden hazard SIMULANT training kit

Each concealed item in the kit is made from X-ray correct materials giving them the same X-ray signature as the item they are replicating. The Inert, Hidden Hazards Training Kit contains a number of replica concealed items that can be used as part of threat detection training or for on the job covert testing.

American Airline Shoe Device

The simulated plastic explosive is pressed into the base of shoe. A short length of detonating cord is pressed into the explosive and connected to a clear plastic tube filled with simulated TATP. The green burning fuse is fitted to the other open end of the tube and then extended through the laces area of the shoe. Lighting the burning fuse would ignite the TATP in the plastic tube, and in turn the detonating cord which would allow the plastic explosive to explode.

London Liquid Device

Full details of this threat are not available in the public domain. The training device follows a probable layout. Two soft drinks bottles are supplied, one has been emptied and re-filled with a colored liquid explosive. The bottle seal has not been tampered with. The second is unmodified, and marked with a yellow sticker on the lid. The disposable camera has been gutted, but the power source for the flash remains intact. The film section has been fitted with an improvised TATP detonator. This would be a ‘suicide’ device. The detonator is removed from the section of the camera and inserted/connected to the bottle of liquid explosive. When the camera operation button is pressed the charge from the flash unit would fire the detonator, and initiate the device.

Christmas Day Pants Device

A non-operational copy showing the general layout of the device. The liquid initiator is stored inside the glass vial. When needed it can be sucked into the syringe. The powdered PETN explosive is inserted into a sealed plastic bag, and then concealed into the pants. The pants are two pairs, sewn together with an opening pouch at the front. The explosive can then be inserted. The device would operate by inserting the needle from the syringe into the powdered explosive and the chemical reaction would result in the explosive combusting.

Ramsi Yousef Doll Device

The device consists of a digital watch to provide the time delay, with the alarm feature used to operate after the desired time delay. The alarm signal is boosted by use of a circuit board with components mounted to the watch. The watch and power source are housed in the head of the doll. Thus the desired time delay is selected and the components inserted and the head replaced onto the body. The detonator is fitted into a cardboard tube and the explosive is nitrocellulose which is fitted into the body of the doll.

TWA Underseat IED Device

An ‘E’ cell is used to provide the desired time delay. Initially the cell is ‘charged’ for the desired time, then re-fitted into the circuit board in the opposite direction. When the power is then turned on, the cell counts down for the same period of time. The board, power source and aluminum detonator are mounted directly onto the sheet explosive which in turn is mounted onto the pressure pad. The whole device is then fitted into the outer black plastic bag. Once the pad is placed under the seat and the victim has sat down the device becomes operational. The timer the starts to count down and the IED would initiate when the time reaches zero.

Laser Printer Cartridge Device

The printer cartridge is supplied separately, but could fit into an appropriate printer. The toner powder has been removed and replaced with simulated PETN explosive. The IED is powered by a 9 volt battery and the circuit board from a mobile phone, the board being used as a timing mechanism. No SIM card is used, so the board would not operate from a mobile signal. Wiring from the board runs through to a detonator pushed into the PETN explosive.

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