improvised explosives simulation training kit

The Improvised Explosives Training Kit contains 4 inert replica IEDs and 9 inert, simulant samples of improvised explosives commonly used by terrorists and criminal groups throughout the world. All inert, simulant explosives found in this training kit are visually, texturally and x-ray correct. This means that when placed within an x-ray machine, they will produce the same exact image that a real explosive or IED would produce. The inert, simulant improvised explosive training kit therefore provides an unrivalled training tool that can be used as part of security x-ray threat detection training as well as on the job covert testing.

Improvised Explosive Device Replicas

TATP Improvised Explosive Device (IED) with Nails concealed in bottle | Liquid IED concealed in food tin | Improvised Incendiary Device (IID) in audio Cassette Box | Ammonium Nitrate IED concealed in video Cassette Box


Ammonium Nitrate & Sugar (ANS) | Black Powder | Ammonium Nitrate & Aluminum (ANAL) | Nitro Methane | Ammonium Nitrate / Fuel Oil (ANFO) | EGDN | Sugar | Chlorate | TATP | Nitroglycerine (NG)

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