mixed explosives simulant training kit

This mixed explosive training kit contains a variety of visually, texturally and x-ray correct cast, liquid, plastic, mining, binary and improvised explosives. The inert training kit is handily contained within a solid, protective briefcase allowing for easy transportation and contains a number of posters explaining the different types of explosives. It is ideal for use in threat detection training to teach personnel how each type of explosive looks under x-ray.

Cast Explosives Military TNT – 200gm demolition block (Russian origin) – TROTYL

Military TNT 500gm plastic cased demolition block (Yugoslavian origin) – TM-500 | Military TNT Sample of shell filler using TNT & Aluminium (Russian origin) – TGAG-5 | Cast TNT | Sample of TNT cast as a chocolate bar

Plastic Explosives

Stick of PETN based Military explosive, 220gms (UK origin) | Slab of RDX based military explosive, 500gms (US origin) – C4 | Block of PETN based commercial explosive, 500gms (Czech origin) – SEMTEX-H | Block of PETN based commercial explosive, 500gms (Czech origin) – SEMTEX-10

Cast Explosives

Stick of Ammonia Dynamite Commercial explosive, 220gms (German origin) – Ammon Gellit | Stick of Permitted Commercial explosive, 150gms (UK origin) – Penobel Two | Stick of Blasting Gelatine explosive, 220gms (UK origin) – Gelamex

Binary Explosives

Small bottle sample of Prilled Ammonium Nitrate | Small bottle sample of red fuel oil | 230mls bottle of mixed ANFO

Improvised Explosives

Bottle sample of Nitromethane 230mls | Bottle sample of TATP 230mls | Bottle sample of ANS 230mls

Other Explosives

Sample of Detonating Cord – 1 meter | Sample of sheet type explosive

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