postal devices simulation training kit

The Postal Devices Training Kit has been developed to help train mailroom workers learn about the types of threats that they may encounter. This mailroom security training aid provides a number of parcels, envelopes, tubes and padded bags that contain explosive devices (IEDs), incendiary devices (IIDs) and sharp objects. The postal devices training kit also includes a number of replica mail IEDs from well known past terrorist events. All items within this postal devices training kit are marked with suspicious features and are addressed and stamped with a variety of different markings, both British and international. Items can be purpose-addressed, marked and stamped with specific country identification if details and samples are provided.

Case Study Postal Device Replicas

Neo-Nazi – letter | Al hayat – letter | Mardi gras – video cassette box

Mail Bombs

Envelope type – coin cell batteries – dl envelope | Postal tube device with theatrical maroons | Video cassette box fitted with photo-diode device

Further Mail Threats

Non-explosive – matches with incendiary compound – padded bag | Non-explosive – razor blades | Parcel with typical features

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