The Improvised Explosives Training Kit contains 4 inert replica IEDs and 9 inert, simulant samples of improvised explosives commonly used by terrorists and criminal groups throughout the world.

All inert, simulant explosives found in this training kit are visually, texturally and x-ray correct. This means that when placed within an x-ray machine, they will produce the same exact image that a real explosive or IED would produce.

The inert, simulant improvised explosive training kit therefore provides an unrivalled training tool that can be used as part of security x-ray threat detection training as well as on the job covert testing.

Improvised Explosive Device Replicas

TATP Improvised Explosive Device (IED) with Nails concealed in bottle
Liquid IED concealed in food tin
Improvised Incendiary Device (IID) in audio Cassette Box
Ammonium Nitrate IED concealed in video Cassette Box


Ammonium Nitrate & Sugar (ANS)
Black Powder
Ammonium Nitrate & Aluminum (ANAL)
Nitro Methane
Ammonium Nitrate / Fuel Oil (ANFO)
Sugar Chlorate
Nitroglycerine (NG)

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