This mixed explosive training kit contains a variety of visually, texturally and x-ray correct cast, liquid, plastic, mining, binary and improvised explosives.
The inert training kit is handily contained within a solid, protective briefcase allowing for easy transportation and contains a number of posters explaining the different types of explosives.
It is ideal for use in threat detection training to teach personnel how each type of explosive looks under x-ray.

Cast Explosives Military TNT – 200gm demolition block (Russian origin) – TROTYL

Military TNT 500gm plastic cased demolition block (Yugoslavian origin) – TM-500
Military TNT Sample of shell filler using TNT & Aluminium (Russian origin) – TGAG-5
Cast TNT
Sample of TNT cast as a chocolate bar

Plastic Explosives

Stick of PETN based Military explosive, 220gms (UK origin)
Slab of RDX based military explosive, 500gms (US origin) – C4
Block of PETN based commercial explosive, 500gms (Czech origin) – SEMTEX-H
Block of PETN based commercial explosive, 500gms (Czech origin) – SEMTEX-10

Cast Explosives

Stick of Ammonia Dynamite Commercial explosive, 220gms (German origin) – Ammon Gellit
Stick of Permitted Commercial explosive, 150gms (UK origin) – Penobel Two
Stick of Blasting Gelatine explosive, 220gms (UK origin) – Gelamex

Binary Explosives

Small bottle sample of Prilled Ammonium Nitrate
Small bottle sample of red fuel oil
230mls bottle of mixed ANFO

Improvised Explosives

Bottle sample of Nitromethane 230mls
Bottle sample of TATP 230mls
Bottle sample of ANS 230mls

Other Explosives

Sample of Detonating Cord – 1 meter
Sample of sheet type explosive

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